Questions - general info about TiviPhone

What is TiviPhone?
TiviPhone is an internet telephony software based on SIP and other standard protocols. It is developed and provided by SIA Tivi, a limited liability company in Latvia.
How to install TiviPhone?
It doesn't have any installation wizards or setup programs. The user simply downloads a file, places it in a folder of his or her choice and runs it by clicking on it whenever needed. As simple as peanuts. In the same folder, Tivi Phone will create a file containing the preferences that you set in the program and an address book file (only if you add your personal phonebook entries in Tivi Phone).
What is the voice quality of calls made with Tivi Phone?
It largely depends on the speed (also called bandwidth) of your internet connection. If it is 64 kbps or more, then you should be able to enjoy high quality internet phonecalls.
What is SIP?
Session initiation protocol (SIP) is the "common language" of internet telephony devices, including TiviPhone.
What is the technology behind internet telephony services?
From the user's point of view, it is just like a regular telephone, but the transmission channels are established over the internet. The sounds of your voice are handled as digitized and compressed audio data. The audio data is sent between the call participants by using the RTP protocol. Initiating, terminating and signalling of calls are supported by the SIP protocol.
What operating systems can I use to run TiviPhone?
It works on Symbian OS and all Microsoft (TM) operating systems including Windows mobile. from the last half-decade are compatible with TiviPhone.
What computer do I need to make Tivi Phone work?
Any PC will do, provided it has a CPU running at 500 MHz (megahertz) or more.
Can I use Tivi Phone from a corporate computer network?
Yes, you can. Your office computer needs to have a real IP address or a NAT connection. Also, your firewall needs to have a certain port open (normally, port 5060). If TiviPhone doesn't seem to work, ask your systems administrator to assist you.
Can I have a look at the information about the calls I have made?
You can access listings of your calls on our customer service page. Also, your account balance is conveniently shown there.
Why should I register?
By registering with us and topping up your TiviPhone account you become one of our customers who can call subscribers in many countries at very competitive rates per minute.
How do I register?
Here is the registration page.
I've lost my password. Please help.
You can request the password to be sent to you via email. Here is the form.
Hello, this is John Doe here. Why is my name already taken?
If the name "John_Doe" is not available, this might mean that there is another person with the same name. TiviPhone usernames are available on the "first come, first served" basis.
What methods of payment can I use?
You can do it with ease by using credit card payment form. Also you might choose to do a wire transfer with the help of a bank of your choice. Here are Tivi company details. In the case of a wire transfer, your Tivi account will be topped up when the wire transfer is confirmed.
How can I check the balance (the money remaining) in my Tivi account?
Your balance and listing of calls can be accessed if you log on to Tivi customer service page on our website with your registered username and password.
What happens if my Tivi account balance is low and calls cannot be made?
You will get a message on the TiviPhone requesting you to top up your account here.
How can I delete my Tivi account?
Please contact Tivi customer service. We will send a notification to your e-mail address, and once you confirm it, the account will be permanently deleted.