SIP client software

Tiviis a truly global multi-mode soft-phone for making and receiving phone calls over IP, fixed and cellular networks. The basic setup needs only an internet-connected PC: create your personal account online and gain access to the low-cost communication all over the world. This is a small, SIP-based application with a compact and user-friendly interface, supplemented by helpful tools and echo cancellation. Tivi Phone runs on Windows, Symbian, Linux and Mac.

Our SIP/VoIP softphone has these features:

Softphone features:

Supported protocols:

Connectivity: any broadband IP, wired or wireless (DSL, Wi-Fi, 3G, WiMAX)

Codecs: GSM (06.10), G.729, G.711

Communication protocols and standards:

Requirements for the PC

Notes for users

While in a one-on-one call or telehone conference, you can use any of the above-mentioned dialing methods at any time. For example, you can send DTMF or the so-called touch-tones (incl. SIP DTMF), which are useful when dialing into specific PBX extensions or responding to IVR/voicemail requests. Information utilities include a call duration timer and caller ID display. Blocking of junk callers is also available.

Paying Tivi customers can instantly view their account balance. There is a flexible call-forwarding feature: unconditional or programmed for "no answer" situations as well as manual transfer during the conversation.

To sum up, Tivi Phone is designed to be very intuitive to use: its interface consists of emulated mobile phone keypad features, which are convenient and familiar to most users. It is integrated with instant messaging (IM), message logging and voicemail.